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Bio-filler Matrix is a ground-breaking regenerative procedure that can be used to restore youthful appearance to your face, neck or hands. It uses a gel derived from your own blood, helping to eliminate the risk of side-effects. It is ideal for vegans or people who suffer from allergies. The gel adds plumpness to areas that have lost volume, while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. After treatment, you are left looking refreshed and revitalised.


Bio-Filler Matrix is an advanced plasmotherapy treatment, which uses own body’s blood to make a gel similar to widely used dermal fillers.

Bio-Filler is used for skin rejuvenation, for static and dynamic lines and wrinkle treatment, rejuvenating tear trough, lines on the neck and body aging skin in elbows, knees and other areas.

Bio-Filler Matrix is adaptable to dynamic expressions and less likely to form lumps, like traditional synthetic fillers.


Why Bio-Filler Matrix?

Bio-Filler Matrix is a mixture of fibrin network and trapped platelets, which release growth factors over 3-6 months and trigger bio-stimulation with stem cells and growth factors, therefore producing new collagen.
  • It is the most natural way to reverse skin aging
  • Produces natural results without looking as having aesthetic treatments
  • Does not cause allergic reactions or any long-term adverse effects
  • Better tolerated than synthetic hyaluronic acid dermal fillers
  • Can be done at any age, as it is the most natural treatment to prevent aging


Treatments results can be visible after a single session, however, the natural bio-filler matrix gets partially absorbed by the body.

The volume effect lasts 3-6 months after a single treatment, and due to the bio-stimulatory nature of the bio-filler matrix, treatments will reverse aging, skin laxity and add volume, which will lasts for several years.

Bio-Filler Matrix Patient
Bio-Filler Matrix Patient

Research evidence regarding Bio-Filler Matrix found that the fibrous network of insoluble fibrin provides a scaffold for platelets that serve as a source for the sustained release of growth factors.

This scaffolding helps to localize the growth factors and increase their concentration at the desired location to facilitate tissue regeneration over an extended period of time versus plasmotherapy alone.

It is suggested that the continual release of growth factors from trapped platelets at the injection site may be responsible for the sustained therapeutic effects of the Bio-filler Matrix for several months after the treatment session.

These growth factors also enhance synthesis of extracellular matrix components such as natural hyaluronic acid.

The contraction of myofibroblasts around wrinkles causes skin tightening and tissue strengthening.

Treatment Duration : 60minutes
Results : Immediate
Downtime : 24-48 Hours


Result Duration : 3-6 months
Potential Side Effects : Bruising, swelling
Anesthesia : Local


Palm City, FL

Palm City Medical Group provides professional regenerative aesthetics treatments that are designed to rejuvenate and renew your skin.



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