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Peptide therapy is a form of regenerative medicine which uses natural peptides to help reverse the effects of aging. Our team is up-to-date with the latest research in this rapidly growing field. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to age gracefully and enjoy the benefits of a healthier body and mind.

Peptides play a key role in supporting the human body’s innate and adaptive immune systems. There are multiple ways in which peptides serve as a therapy against infectious disease, autoimmune issues, and even cancer.


What are Peptides?

Peptides are short chains of 3-40 amino acids that our body naturally produces. These peptides act as signaling molecules in the body, instructing various cells and molecules on what functions to perform. To date, there are more than 7,000 known peptides in the human body, and all of these peptides have a wide range of functions including immune system health, weight loss, improved cognitive function and mood, and so much more.


What is Peptide Therapy?

Although the body naturally produces peptides, the rate of production can vary greatly from one person to another. Additionally, peptide production has been shown to decline with age. This is where peptide therapy can play a pivotal role in health optimization. Peptide therapy is the utilization of peptides to direct cells to perform the function specific to the peptide being used. Because our body produces many different types of peptides, there are many different types of peptide therapy available. Each peptide therapy is used clinically to trigger a specific function within the body.


Who can benefit from Peptide Therapy?

The body is already familiar with peptides as it produces and uses them in natural biological processes. Therefore, the effects of peptide therapy are specific and typically without unwanted side effects. Nava peptides are bio-identical, meaning they have the exact same structure as the peptides already naturally synthesized by the body. Because they are bio-identical and naturally occurring in the body, most people could benefit from peptide therapy.

Benefits of Peptide Therapy:

  • Increase production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

  • Boost energy

  • Improve skin elasticity

  • Build muscle

  • Optimize physical and athletic performance

  • Burn fat

  • Promote weight loss

  • Repair damaged muscles and tendons

  • Increase sex drive

  • Enhance quality of sleep and combat insomnia

  • Enhance calcium retention

  • Improve memory and cognitive focus

  • Resolve depression and anxiety

  • Improve immune function




  • CJC1295 w/Ipamorelin



  • CJC1295 w/Ipamorelin



  • CJC1295 w/Ipamorelin



  • PT-141






  • BPC-157 Injection

  • BPC-157 Capsules

CJC 1295 w/Ipamorelin

A 30-amino acid peptide, CJC 1295 increases the synthesis of proteins, resulting in a simultaneous effect of fat loss and tissue growth. Specifically, the peptide’s benefits may include increased energy, protein synthesis, lean body mass, and bone density. CJC 1295 also may improve immune defenses and sleep quality, as well as speedy recovery from injury.


PT-141 helps both men and women enjoy more satisfying sex lives. For men, the peptide addresses the problem of erectile dysfunction. In women, PT 141 stimulates dopamine hormones to boost the nervous system’s ability to achieve sexual arousal.


Ipamorelin works to increase plasma growth hormone levels. It binds to the body’s growth hormone secretagogue receptor (BHSR) in the brain, kidney, heart, gastrointestinal tract, liver, immune cells, adipose tissue, and pancreas. Benefits may include improved cellular repair and sleep quality, as well as increased collagen production, energy, and endurance. Ipamorelin may also result in decreased appetite stimulation and reduced production of cortisol, prolactin, and aldosterone.


AOD-9604 is a fat-fighting peptide originally used as an anti-obesity drug that stimulates your pituitary gland and speeds up a slow metabolism. AOD-9604 helps by reducing inflammation, helps with weight loss, enhances muscle tone, burns body fat, and triggers fat release. Additionally, it boosts your metabolism. NAD+ stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide and naturally exists in all living cells in our bodies. NAD+ helps slow cognitive decline, promotes healthy brain function, fights chronic fatigue, and increases energy. Additionally, it also helps boost your metabolism, regenerates cells, slows the aging process, and reduces internal inflammation. Together AOD-9604 and NAD+ promote cellular energy and fat cell reduction. Provided in a troche form, which is a small, hard tablet designed to dissolve slowly over 30 minutes or so when placed under the tongue or in the cheek area, much like a long-lasting cough drop.

BPC 157

Also known as "the healing peptide", BPC-157 speeds the healing of wounds in the nervous system, tendons, and muscles. It also accelerates the healing of skin burns by increasing circulation to tissues that have been damaged. BPC-157 also may support joint health and cognitive performance and help with gastrointestinal issues, like irritable bowel disease, urinary incontinence, and stomach ulcers.

Learn More About Peptide Therapy

To learn more about Peptide Therapy, call 772-510-0105 to speak with one of our healthcare professionals.

Symptoms of a Peptide Deficiency:

As we age, our natural production of the essential amino acids needed to produce peptides declines. Decreased amino acid production can result in a variety of symptoms including:

  • Excess body fat, especially at the mid-section

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Fatigue

  • Increased heat/cold sensitivity

  • Reduction in muscle and lean body mass

  • Decreased exercise tolerance

  • Reduction in bone density


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Our integrative approach focuses on preventing, restoring, and optimizing your health,

so you can achieve overall wellness.



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