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Get long-lasting and beautiful results from a simple procedure that can be done in a short time. 

Replenish the natural volume and elasticity of your skin by restoring collagen and revealing a fresher appearance. 

Our team can help you name and achieve your ideal image. We'll help bring about not only refined facial features but a positive state of mind that exudes confidence.

At Palm City Medical Group we utilize the industry’s highest-performing and safest products on the market to achieve our patients' desired results.

 Hyaluronic acid-based fillers and neuromodulators, such as BOTOX®, are FDA-approved and generally produce minimal to no side effects.

 Appointments for injections and fillers are quick and easy; oftentimes, patients come in on their lunch break and carry on with the rest of their day.

During an appointment, the medical provider will review treatment areas and recommend which types of injectables and/or fillers are right for your aesthetic goals.


Ever since Botox® hit the market in the '90s as a solution to reverse the signs of age, the popularity of the product and similar wrinkle relaxers has been enormous. Today many are regularly heading into the med spa for their “tox" treatment, and coming out afterward looking younger and refreshed. There are several different types of wrinkle relaxers--called neuromodulators formulated to relax your muscles and smooth away lines.


Neuromodulators such as Botox® target the underlying causes of frown lines and crow’s feet, the repeated muscle contractions from frowning, laughing, and squinting over the years. Botox® is an effective wrinkle treatment that quickly and easily reverses the signs of aging. Botox is FDA-cleared and used to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines, both between the brows and crow’s feet. 

Lines or wrinkles are the result of repetitive facial movements (while smiling, frowning, squinting, or even chewing). With time, facial muscles lose their ability to relax, and they remain contracted, causing lines and wrinkles on your face. 

Neuromodulators are designed to allow these muscles to relax, and as a result wrinkles diminish or disappear and prevents new wrinkles from occurring.

All the injectable neuromodulators are based on botulinum toxin type A. This is a bacteria modified into a purified protein that has been proven to be safe and effective. 

This targets the neuromuscular junction of the muscles that are contracted and temporarily blocks nerve receptors in the muscle, stopping the muscles from being able to contract and cause unwanted lines.

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Dermal fillers have become very popular because they are quick, easy, extremely effective, not surgical, and most importantly, reversible.

 They rejuvenate, refresh your shape and contour the lines of your face, giving you the look and confidence you want. There is a wide range of fillers and injectables that are suited to meet your cosmetic needs, regardless of your age.

Your face conveys emotion, understanding, beauty, and age. It is often the first thing a person sees when they meet you. Many people desire a beautiful smile, soft, glowing skin, and an attractive, youthful, contoured face. But as we age, wrinkles, hollows in the face, and skin laxity can cause us to be dissatisfied with our appearance. 

Younger people might feel they look youthful, but they want a fresher look, sculpted cheekbones, or plumper, supple lips.

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Dermal filler injections are FDA-approved and a generally safe alternative to more invasive surgical treatments. Dermal filler treatments are extremely popular, with over 1 million men and women undergoing the treatment each year. 

At Palm City Medical Group we provide patients with a luxurious and relaxing environment to experience the latest aesthetic treatments.


At Palm City Medical Group we specialize in the most advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments available. We are a highly specialized team of professionals dedicated to your care.

From expertly administered Botox™ and dermal fillers, laser and skin tightening procedures, to weight management and primary care, our providers can help you achieve your goals to look more fit, rested, youthful and healthy. Call us today to schedule your consultation!