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Ian W. Cummings MD, PhD

Aviation Medical Examiner

FAA Physicals

Dr. Cummings is an FAA Authorized Senior Aviation Medical Examiner

Offering Class I, Class II, Class III, and Basic Med Physical Exams

About Your FAA Examination

The Federal Aviation Administration requires that pilots and other required crew members of an aircraft hold a current medical certificate. Certificates and physicals can only be given by certified Aviation Medical Examiners (AME). Dr. Cummings at Palm City Medical Group was first commissioned by the FAA to conduct flight physicals in the '90s, and can issue certificates in all 3 pilot classifications.

Flight physicals cover a wide variety of areas, including:

Comprehensive history & physical

Comprehensive vision testing

Digital 12 lead EKG suitable for transmission to FAA for 1st class exams.

Prior to your appointment, go to the FAA MedXPress web site to complete your forms. At the end of your application, the system will give you a confirmation number.

You must submit your portion of the 8500-8 application to the FAA before you will be given your confirmation number. Bring the confirmation number and a government-issued photo identification to your appointment.

If you wear contact lenses, please bring your case and solution as you will need to remove them for the eye exam. If you wear glasses, you must bring them with you for the exam!

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