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Introducing Broad Band Laser  the world's most powerful Intense Pulsed Light.

Diminish & erase sun damage, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, spider veins, rosacea and more. Clear acne and say goodbye to unwanted hair forever. 


BBL (BroadBand Light), the world's most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device and take the power of light to the next level. 


BBL & IPL Laser

For Face & Body

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This gentle and effective treatment can be used almost anywhere on the body. Most commonly, it is used on areas that receive the most sun exposure and targets:

  • Sun Damage - Damage the sun does to skin is known by several names, including photoaging, photodamage, solar damage, or sun damage.  It results in skin that is uneven in texture and tone, crepey, and generally aged looking.  Learn more about Sun Damage Here.

  • Fine Lines - Fine lines occur as skin collagen and elastin break down over time from aging, daily wear and tear from pulling on the facial structure by facial muscles, sun exposure & environmental factors. Fine lines are the first to appear, usually around areas of high use like the mouth and eyes.

  • Wrinkles - With time, fine lines evolve into deeper lines called wrinkles, what once were temporary facial expressions now become etched into the face.

  • Scars - A scar is the body's natural way of healing and replacing lost or damaged skin. A scar is usually composed of fibrous tissue, sometimes with redness and discoloration.

  • Pigmented Lesions - These are skin spots and growths are caused by melanocyte cells in the skin. Melanocytes are the cells that produce melanin, the substance that gives color (pigment) to the skin.

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  • Age spots - or "sun spots" - are the hallmarks of sun damage. Often appearing on the face, hands and lower arms first, areas of the body that have the greatest accumulated sun exposure. They're darker than the skin's natural tone and can appear as a singular or concentrated area of pigment (melanin). Age spots can vary greatly in size, shape, and color

  • Birthmarks - also called "vascular lesions" are colored marks on the skin that are present at birth or soon afterwards. 

  • Freckles - Freckles are small areas of pigment cells (cells that contain color) that are contained within the skin batches. They're usually tan or light brown, flat, and very small. Sometimes they overlap and run together.

  • Redness & Rosacea - a common skin condition that causes blushing or flushing and visible blood vessels in your face.

  • Acne - known by a number of other less pleasant names is a condition that primarily affects teenagers and older women, driven by changes in hormonal balance. 

  • Unwanted Hair -  is when hair growth occurs in areas where either it should not be naturally occurring, or in places we simply would prefer it didn't! 

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Intense pulsed light (IPL) and broadband light (BBL) light therapies are used to improve the appearance of the skin by resolving a variety of skin concerns, including sun damage, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, redness, rosacea, vascular lesions, wrinkles, and more, revealing a brighter and more even skin tone.

In addition to being able to treat active acne, and removing unwanted hair, BBL treatments provide relatively long-term results and are safer for darker skin tones than other types of IPL.

As a series of multiple treatments spaced several weeks apart, these treatments are gentle on the skin, require next to no downtime, and are effective.


Skin Tone & Texture

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Skin tone and texture can be quickly and dramatically improved with BBL laser technology. 

Even skin tone and a smooth texture are two important qualities of skin health.


Skin tone is determined by the amount of melanin or pigment we have. Pigmentation, dark patches, and age spots are all conditions where pigment is unevenly distributed, giving our skin dull, uneven tone.  Good skin tone is even, bright and luminous.

Skin texture refers to the surface condition of the skin.  Good skin texture is even, smooth, and supple.  Uneven texture is rough, dry, and has visible photodamage.

Are you tired of dealing with sun damage, age spots, or other pigment irregularities on your skin? Are you looking for a non-invasive way to improve the overall appearance of your skin? Our IPL & BBL laser treatment may be the solution you've been looking for!

Don't let pigment irregularities or other skin concerns hold you back any longer. Contact us today to learn more about IPL laser treatment and how it can help you achieve the healthy, radiant skin you desire.


Guide to IPL

Guide to Intense Pulsed Light

What is it?

IPL laser treatment uses a specialized device to emit broad-spectrum light energy to the skin

How does it work?

Using carefully selected wavelengths, the light energy is absorbed by specific structures such as blood vessels or pigment cells.

This effectively reduces the appearance of sun damage, age spots, and other pigment irregularities, as well as improve the appearance of facial veins and rosacea. It can also stimulate collagen production, helping to improve the texture and tone of the skin

What does the procedure involve?

This safe and effective treatment is performed in the comfort of our spacious, luxurious and sanitized treatment rooms. Your skin will be cleansed and prepared with a special cooling gel.   Special eye protection will be provided.  Your practitioner will ensure your comfort and talk though the procedure so you know what to expect.  There will be bursts of bright light emitted from a special handheld device, directed into the targeted areas.  Most people are fine with the light pulses, the treatment could sting a little. It might feel like a rubber band snapping against your skin.  You will be offered a topical numbing cream that can be applied to the area in advance. Afterwards you will experience a sensation of heat, similar to a mild sunburn.   

How long will it last?

It depends on the nature of the procedure and the wavelength of light being used.  In the case of hair removal, the results are permanent.  For evening tone and texture, you can expect the results to last for at least a year, provide you continue to take good care of your skin and faithfully wear sunscreen

Ratings & Reviews

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

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Data from actual patients who paid for the procedure and voluntarily submitted views through:



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BroadBand Light (BBL) is the world's most powerful IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) device delivering light energy deep into your skin.  It sets a new standard in treating skin conditions.

Services are categorized by their desired & intended result.  The secret as to how BBL can achieve so many things is in advanced technology light generation device. The ability to create new wavelengths & frequencies of light which target specific structures within the skin  

BBL Sciton Treatments

BL Hero

Light energy delivered by the BBL HERO for, face & body, stimulates your skin cells to rejuvenate and restore your skin's youthful appearance; correct pigment and vascular conditions, improve tone and texture, treat acne, remove unwanted hair... and more.  Visibly impressive results delivered in a fraction of the time, with enhanced comfort and short downtimes.


Love the skin you're in & fight gravity with BBL SkinTyte.   Reduce sagging skin and youthfulness with this advanced infra-red light to deeply heat your skin while cooling and protecting the entire surface at the same time.  Light energy is distributed in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body's natural healing process, leading to improved appearance  

Stop the clock on the appearance of aging skin.  See immediate results for pigmented and vascular lesions & fine lines.  Forever Young BBL isn't just a beauty treatment, it's a preventative regime - possibly the best investment anyone can make in their skin.  Whether addressing visible signs of sun and environmental damage or beginning a preventative regimen, Forever Young treatments can help.

ForeverYoung BBL
Forever Bare BBL

Forever Bare BBL

Dare to be forever bare and kiss goodbye to the hassle of shaving, painful waxing and tweezing goodbye!  Using gentle, yet effective BBL energy to target hair follicles, the revoluntionary Forever Bare BBL treatment is as comfortable as a hot stone massage.  The result is hair removal that's more comfortable, safer, and faster than other traditional treatments.  Treat any area pf the body with unwanted hair to reveal beautiful skin.

Forever Clear BBL

Your skin is in the clear.  Forever Clear BBL is a cutting-edge acne treatment that uses the power of light to comfortably and effectively clear acne without creams or medicine.  Broadband Light is the world's most powerful IPL device delivering light energy deep into your skin to help treat acne, leaving you with clear, healthy, radiant skin.

Forevr Clear BBL
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