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Losing weight can feel like a daunting task — especially if you don't know how to begin.

If you dream of refining your figure, your dreams can become a reality. At Palm City Medical Group, we are ready to help you live a happier, more confident life with a custom state of the art weight management program. We combine this with a comprehensive assessment of overall health and any significant issues are addressed as well. We believe in a holistic multi-modal approach to weight loss employing common sense dietary recommendations, exercise, as well as appropriate pharmacological interventions.

We monitor progress for safety and efficacy, and will collaborate with you in your journey to lose weight safely. We can include a broad spectrum of other health services as needed or desired.

Our weight management program begins with a detailed examination and:

- initial EKG

- complete lab evaluation

- weekly check-in

- diet counseling

- exercise support

Some of the most commonly prescribed medications we utilize are:

- Semaglutide (Ozempic)

- Appetite suppressants

- MIC Injections

- Lipotropic injections

- B12 Injections



Add injections to your weight management appointment or schedule an injection only.

Perfect for those that love a weekly B12 shot, or for those who just need an energy boost.

Lipotropic injections are designed to help your body release stored fat, and speed up your metabolism so you can burn fat faster than usual.

B12 Shot

 Increases energy, promotes healthy nerve cells, helps   convert fat to energy.

Metabolism Boost

Combined vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients to increase the body’s energy levels, improve liver function, and accelerate metabolism rate.

Mega Burn

Mega-Burn contains the ingredients found in Lipotropic B12, and also (6) additional B vitamins, plus sodium ascorbate & L-carnitine.

The additional B vitamins help convert food into energy. Thiamine plays a central role in the generation of energy from carbohydrates.

Riboflavin is involved in the catabolism of fatty acids. Niacinaminde is involved in the energy transfer reactions in the metabolism of glucose, fat and alcohol.

Dexpanthenol is involved in the oxidation of fatty acids and carbohydrates

Pyridoxyl serves mainly in amino acid metabolism.

MTHF plays an important role in detoxification of a variety of toxins

Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C) has general immune boosting properties, plus it can also help the body fight infection.

L-Carnitine transports fatty acids to the mitochondria, which is where they are essentially burned as fuel.

Ultra Burn

Ultra-Burn has everything desired in Mega-Burn as well as chromium. Chromium promotes the body to maintain a healthy weight, cholesterol level and cardiovascular health.